A lot has been written about Aframomum melegueta and it has been said to be the scientific name for both Alligator pepper and Grains of. Aframomum melegueta is a species in the ginger family, Zingiberaceae, and closely related to cardamom. Its seeds are used as a spice (ground or whole), and. Alligator pepper is a West African spice which corresponds to the seeds and seed pods of Aframomum danielli, A. citratum or A. exscapum. It is a close relative of.

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As mbongo spice, the seeds of alligator pepper are often sold as the grains isolated from the pod and with the outer skin removed.

Science and Education Publishing

Although it is native to West Africait is also an important cash crop in the Basketo district Basketo special woreda of southern Ethiopia. Similar trends were observed till day 15 and 30 at both storage conditions. Retrieved 24 December From the research work, it was observed that consumers afraamomum samples treated with 1g-3g of A. This work was designed to evaluate the effect of Aframomum affamomum aqueous extract on some chemical and antioxidant components of tomato fruits.

The seeds were removed from the pods and cleaned of the extraneous materials. Melegueta pepper is affamomum used in the cuisines of West and North Africawhere it has been traditionally imported by camel caravan routes through the Sahara desert, and whence they were distributed to Sicily and the rest of Italy.


Southwestern Journal of Anthropology. The values reduced drastically at room temperature on day It is a close relative of grains of paradise, obtained from the closely related species, Aframomum melegueta.

Euro Food Res Technol. Numerous studies have shown spices to be good source of natural antioxidant possessing digestive stimulant action, bioavailability enhancement nature, carminative, antidiabetic influence, anti-inflammatory ability, anticarcinogenic potential and neuroprotective effect [ Enhancement of Total phenolics and Antioxidants Properties of Some Tropical Green Leafy Vegetables by Steam Cooking.

Retrieved 18 April Sci Food Agric In Press.

Alligator pepper – Wikipedia

Larger image png format Tables index Veiw figure View current table in a new window. A review on modified atmosphere packaging and preservation of fresh fruits and vegetables: Standard values werelow Aframomun Culinary Australian Bangladeshi Indian Pakistani.

Thermal processing enhances the nutritional value of tomatoes by increasing total antioxidant activity. Report also has it that clinical trials are expensive and difficult to conduct, and valuable to obtain further insight agramomum the impact of glycemic index and total carbohydrate intake on body mass index BMI from existing data sets derive from carefully conducted observational studies [ 3767 ].

Aframomuk could then be inferred from the results obtained in this research work and other reports on the activities of spices that A. Juices from pawpaw, watermelon aframpmum carrot and soymilk were blended in equal ratios and then treated with powdered extract of A. Metab, ; Total soluble solids TSS: Culinary Australian Bangladeshi Indian Pakistani. GI is a specific indicator of blood glucose response, but not the only parameter that affect blood sugar.

Fresh, aframpmum, good quality fruits watermelon and pawpaw and vegetable carrot were sorted for processing. Research into the production and utilization of indigenous food additives on a large scale has not been undertaken in Nigeria. Alligator pepper fruit and seed Wikipedia. This could be responsible for the lower values obtained in control samples.


Fruits and vegetables contain simple sugars with a faster rate of absorption into the blood stream than complex ones. Aframomum melegueta is a species in the ginger family, Zingiberaceaeand closely related to cardamom.

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Significant higher values Foods with low GI provide a variety of healthy benefits. The figure AC value was multiplied by the standard GI value published GI estimates for that particular food and divided by It is also used as a traditional wedding gift in the same Yoruba culture.

Titration method using 2, 6, dichlorophenol indophenols dye was used in estimating the amount of ascorbic acid in 10 mL of juice obtained from tomato fruits. It is now known that A. Calidad postcosecha de tomates almacenadas en atmosferas controladas. Efforts made so far in reducing post-harvest losses of tomato include controlled and modified atmosphere packaging Batu and Thompson,edible coatings for shelf life extension Cha and Chinnan,chemical control of fruit diseases, heat treatment Ali et al.

The published GI figures were used in combination with the proximate composition of the samples. For Guinea pepper, see Grains of Selim.