The Series 65 Heat Detector monitors temperature by using a dual thermistor network The heat detector classes available in Series 65 are A1R, BR, CR, CS. The Series 65 Ionisation Smoke Detector uses a low activity radioactive foil to. The Series 65 Diode Base is designed for use with conventional systems that.

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An earth connection is not required for either safety or correct operation of detectors.

Series 65 Standard Base

Each heat detector classification apollo a static response changing to alarm at a preset temperature and may also paollo a rate of rise response apolol to alarm at or above a preset increase of temperature. Full details of our service standards can be downloaded here. In clear air, light from the LED does not fall directly on the diode because the LED is positioned at an obtuse angle to the diode.

The Apollo Series 65 optical aopllo detector housing is identical to that of the Apollo ionisation smoke detector but has an indicator LED which is clear in quiescent state but produces red light in alarm.

Series 65 Auxiliary Relay Base. View full details Add To Compare of 4 max. That was very quick and efficient! Please note… Remember to quote your account number and purchase order number on any order correspondence. Register hereor sign in. When the sum of the resistance of the insulated thermistor and the fixed resistor compared to the resistance of the exposed thermistor reaches a preset value, an alarm is initiated. Bases have a wide interior diameter for ease of access to cables and terminals and there are two slots for fixing screws at a spacing of 51 to 69mm.


Storage regulations depend on local standards and legislation, but, in the UK, the number of ionisation smoke detectors in any building or premises shall be less than Nickel plated stainless steel wiper contacts connect the detector to the base. The sensing chamber is a black moulding configured as a labyrinth which apolo penetration of ambient light.

The detector can be used with most modern conventional fire alarm panels. Thanks again to you and to Acorn fire and security for a great and efficient service.

Thank you for the support and service you provide. Just discovered your website today but it looks excellent! Only registered customers can save products to project lists.

Thanks Lauren I wish all suppliers got back to me as quickly as you do! Detectors fit into bases one way only and require clockwise rotation without push force to be plugged in.

APO – Series 65 A1R Heat Detector

Magnetic test switch and Flashing LED: New customers Please email your order to us at: This site uses cookies in order to optimise your experience of the site. Any orders received under the minimum order value will be returned to sender for revision. Series 65 Heat Detector Aollo 90c. Many thanks as always for the quality and speed of the service! The Series 65 Ionisation Smoke Detector uses a low activity radioactive foil to detect fires by irradiating the air in the smoke chamber and causing a current flow.

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Series 65 Heat Detector CS 90c. Inside the detector case a printed circuit board has the ionisation chamber mounted on one side and the signal processing electronics on the other. Please email your order to us at: Best Regards, Peter Jackson.

Sensor configuration Horizontal optical bench housing infra-red emitter and sensor, arranged radially to detect forward scattered light. Series 65 features D65 operating voltage Advanced electronic technology Flashing LED option Range of bases available Series 65 benefits Can be used on security systems Proven detection performance Designed to meet approvals worldwide.

A flashing LED, as outlined above, is also included.

View full details Add To Compare of 4 max. Apollo is dedicated to ensuring that our customer service is aligned with your expectations.

Series 65 Ionisation Smoke Detector

VAD’s – Audio Visual inc. The integral LED flashes when the detector is in a quiescent state. Do you have account with us.

Series 65 incorporates well-proven sensing technologies, including an Integrated Circuit based on that used in XP95 analogue addressable detectors. Thankyou so much for your assistance, I don’t know how you managed to source this equipment, but I’m very glad you did.