Cara de Ángel FONTS Personajes Principales: Cara de Ángel • Cobarde • Tímido • Sumiso • Astuto Colorete (jefe de la collera del barrio). OSWALDO “Cara de Angel” (Angel Face), from Los inocentes (The Innocents; ), is the portrait In his bitter novel En oetubre no hay milagros (There Are No Miracles in October; ) Reynoso attempts to demonstrate the inseparable . Child labour has a gender bias related to the dominant stereotypes regarding gender roles. While out-of-home paid work is carried out predominantly by boys, .

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He spits on anegl sides. I thought you were clean. It would have been formidable that last night: He sweats, opens and closes his fists in despair.

They grab him and rummage through his pockets but find no money. Then the marine wind of the Callao neighborhood would come and leave rotten carw at ground level. Blush calls him to fight. He took his hands out of his pockets. Blush jumps furiously, he takes him by the waist and they fall into the grass.

Angel Face by Oswaldo Reynoso

Child labour has a gender bias related to the dominant stereotypes regarding gender roles. They offer you heaven and earth. When I tried to get in, Blush grabbed my bike.

His image was slender and sad, when in profile against the sun. He left without saying anything.

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Closes his eyes and throws the dice: They face each other, calculating. In these shop windows, there are clocks, chocolates, bracelets, American pants, shirts, shoes, swimsuits. The afternoon has stopped. Agile, he grabs him by the neck with his legs. How he wishes that, suddenly, Blush would extend his hand, that the guys would say: If you want, look at this picture. Yoni, ocean on film candy in the ocean rock rock tumbles rock face sea sea seeeeea of love love seeeaa.


But I like you more like that: The heat is more intense. He chewed his nails. In his chesthe feels a regnoso pothole that hurts him. Finally, they dominate him and take his shoes off, then socks and the three pounds appear, wet and stinky.

Cara de Ángel by valeria león on Prezi

Shouts Blush Angel Face is lying on the ground, sideways; He wants to cry. The boys laugh and bully him. So Blush not only steals, but he even lives openly with a faggot. He searches in his memory for an offensive incident, but all he remembers is that he was always good with Blush. Kick the shit out of him!

Black pants, blue, navy blue; red shirts, black, yellow; they shiver deliriously among the green leaves. He tries to explain the reason for the anger that drives Blush.

And, the worse of it is, she does it in front of the guys from the neighborhood, exposing me to their mockery. The sky is cloudy, dirty, sad. From his back pocket, he takes out a picture and shows it. In the summer, they would lie on the grass for the sun to warm their bodies. What if the Plaza were transformed into a beach? You’ll play with me, with me, and whoever loses is going to masturbate, right here.


Angel Face wants to run, hug his mom and apologize for making her mad.

Blush was yelling angrily. There is a smell of gasoline in the stuffy air. On the other hand, girls are exposed to risk within the household, where overexploitation, maltreatment and abuse are as frequent as they are unpunished.

He likes pswaldo smell of my body, Angel Face thinks.

Cara de ángel – Oswaldo Reynoso – Google Books

He reaches Plaza San Martin. Unexpectedly, Angel Face takes his arm and twists it behind his back; he frees his neck and uses the chance to get on top of his rival. You gamble all the money I give you. The sour and fiery underarm odor mixes violently, with the soft, damp fog of the lawn. Watch out, a car is coming. Angel Face feels a dark unknown fear.

There was no rage or mockery left in his eyes: I argued with her, but she got her way in the end, as always. He lowered his head, kicked the air.