William R. Catton, Jr., is professor of sociology at Washington State University and author of From Animistic to Naturalistic Sociology and more than seventy-five . William R. Catton Jnr. explained humanity’s overshoot situation in his book. Overshoot, The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change”. The front page. Overshoot has ratings and 30 reviews. Adam said: I’ve been Title: Overshoot Binding: Paperback Author: Catton, William R., JR. Publisher: Combined.

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Time and again, our advanced simian brains have allowed us to exceed the normal carrying capacity of our habitat by leaning overzhoot “ghost acreage” — resources that go beyond the limits of our immediate area. Or acres and acres of phantom fields worked by ghost slaves. By assuming that it already is a problem, we can start doing actions to slow down our population growth and hopefully make the population correction less wrenching. Jul 31, Ryan rated it overahoot liked it Shelves: The book claims that this overshoot is the cause of many social ills, like genocide and world wars, which is an extreme oversimplification.

This introductory chapter then goes on to explain that the carrying capacity of the Earth with present technology is actually below the population living on the Earth, if you were to somehow remove from the picture all of the technologies which require petroleum. This blog feels good. Now he concludes that it is already too late to mend our ways and somehow avoid the collapse of civilization.


This page was last edited on 11 Catttonat Although the author’s main point is cautiously accepted, his last view is an obvious truism. A scientific paradigm has inertia, certainly, but it does fold against the pressure of accumulating evidence it can’t properly explain.

Overshoot: The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change by William R. Catton Jr.

The stakes have become phenomenally high: Feb 22, James rated it it was amazing Shelves: He had a long life, relatively speaking, and I hope it overahoot happy. I bought this book months ago my first of several copiesas I was trying to decide whether to buy Heinberg’s “Peak Everything”.

He explains the greatest problems facing humanity as resulting from the collective absence of an ecological perspective and reluctance to face limits to growth. So, to cut this short, nature also demonstrates smooth ways to respond to the signals of multiplying complications for opportunistic systems, much better than overshoot and collapse. Social disorganization, friction, demoralization, and conflict will escalate.

Catton’s work is exceptionally oversnoot, compelling, and well-researched.

What Is Sustainable: Overshoot

Belongs with such classics as Limits to Growth in heralding ctaton concept of a finite carrying capacity for mankind. It is time to turn around and see what’s ahead.

Even though nature, not the oil companies, had put the oil into the earth, this tax write-off was rationalized as an incentive to “production. Democratic institutions are apt during periods of abundance, but in times of resource crisis, violence and despotism follow, veiled as they are in familiar patterns of ethnic, religious, and ideological warfare.


Nature will have the last word. Phylogenetic Systematics Willi Hennig. He has a Masters degree in Earth Science and an undergraduate in business. Too many people are consuming too ocershoot resources – far beyond the carrying capacity of the planet.

We began extracting solar energy that had been safely stored underground overshoit millions of years. For four centuries, much of the world experienced a ridiculously abnormal era of innovation, growth, and excess — the Age of Exuberance. About the Author William R. It seems people are rather slow in “getting it”, but we could take the next step at least, and see where it goes.

William R. Catton Jr.

Mar 22, Matthew Dahlhausen rated it it was ok Shelves: Prelude to Collapse – with stages of ecological understanding, excerpted from www. Newer Post Older Post Home. For example, I’d long suspected there cattom be some physical causes underlying economic recessions and booms.

It is clearly written, compelling, and well-researched.