In the short story “Mericans” by Sandra Cisneros, we appear to be reading about a small place in Mexico. The author uses many details in the story for us to. Sandra Cisneros’ short story “Mericans” talks about a Little girl and her two brothers who are waiting outside the church for their “awful grandmother” to finish her. ✅. In Sandra Cisneros’ “Mericans,” she recalls a moment in her life when she is held between the old involving her roots and culture.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Finally, the author uses narrator first person point of view to highlight character selection and to engage readers who understand both English and Spanish. You can get this essay on your email Topic: You are commenting using your Twitter account. Email Address never made public. Sorry, but only registered users have full access. You are commenting using your WordPress.

This site uses cookies. Readers begin to understand that the narrator views the church as a gloomy, old, stale place, that she feels no connection to.

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Notify me of new comments via email. Please choose meticans access option you need: Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals. The title attracts a greater audience because it involves an Americanized Mexican family, and permitting the reader to bond with the author.


You are commenting using your Facebook account. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The characters in the stories are deeply rooted in the cultural contexts of their productions.

Notify me of new comments via email. She and her brothers are stuck in the middle of the two worlds. Mericans by Sandra Cisneros. This site uses cookies.

“´Mericans” by Sandra Cisneros | english12reflectionsandinsights

Cisneros sees her grandmother as awful because she prays and speaks to them in Spanish. But Michelle tends to struggle understanding her grandmothers cultural heritage, and it seems to take her quite a bit of effort doing it. The children play ugly war games outside in the plaza which has been taken over by american culture with vendors selling cheap toys at every corner.

Readers know that it is a sunny day and there is a hill and a cemetary mericwns the church, music, wooden ponies that people can take their pictures on, and various vendors.

Cisneros is the only daughter out of seven children, but cieneros Keeks and Junior supported her the most in real life-which are the two cisnros siblings to her. This short story illuminates the Americanization of other cultures specifically a Mexican culture. These contrasting settings are magnified by the contrast of the generations and their values. This is a direct representation of the misunderstandings between the Mericwns children and their traditional Mexican grandmother.


You are commenting using your Twitter account. As the narrator describes all the things that her and her brothers must not do, the church grounds are described quite vividly. You are commenting using your WordPress.

In the first paragraph of the story, a classic church scene is described establishing the location of the setting. On the American side, they are Michelle, Junior, and Keeks; on the other side, with their abuela grandmotherthey are called by their Mexican names, Micaela, Enrique, and Alfredito. Mexican rituals are slowly dying out even though the old generations focus on passing down as many rituals as possible to the younger generations.

The reader gets a strong sense of the setting in the first few lines of the story when Cisneros begins to use Spanish words and phrases. The children in the story embrace more of the American culture than a native culture with their games and also the language they prefer to speak.

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