Clan del Oso Cavernario, El – Los Hijos de La Tierra (Spanish Edition) [Jean M. Auel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare book. CLAN DEL OSO CAVERNARIO, EL (Spanish Edition) [JEAN M. AUEL] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Primera novela de la serie Los. Readers’ questions about El clan del oso cavernario (Los Hijos de la Tierra, #1). 9 questions answered.

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It is definitely appropriate for a teen. It was sitting around my house – my mom is an English teacher, so we always had plenty of books lying around in various stages of reading completion – caavernario the synopsis on the back cover caught my attention. A book I highly recommend!

And a few times it got pushed back on a shelf and I forgot I owned it and that it existed at all.

She manages to impart an incredible amount of information but it is done in such a way that I didn’t once feel bored caevrnario reading in fact I loved learning about the medicinal uses for plants, the tools they use and how they were made. As a lover of the Historical Fiction genre, a book about prehistory is the ultimate.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. There was an enormous amount of anthropological research that went into the writing cqvernario this series, and although all of the events …more Cln of them are. I read it in 7th grade, and was absolutely obsessed with it which is nothing less cavernarioo stunning, because at that age most books that lacked dragons weren’t worth my time What an extraordinary imagination author Jean M. I honestly cannot wait to start reading the next book.

As the years pass, Ayla is trained By Iza, alongside her daughter, to become a medicine woman. Note, March 25, This book is ultimately one girl’s fight to fit in and her journey towards a greater equality than what she’s been told she has the right to.


The toxic masculinity that leads to Ayla’s sufferings is nothing unfamiliar.

Product details Paperback Publisher: From start to finish in this installment, Ayla ages only a few years, but during the course of that time, she becomes a woman in the eyes of the Clan. Auel, and Linda Woolverton are executive producers, with Woolverton writing the teleplay.

El Clan del Oso Cavernario by Jean M. Auel (5 star ratings)

It’s so interesting to read about the clan’s reasoning for dividing cabernario gender roles so clearly. I’d be horrified at my mother if she had kept it from me cavernarik I was 17 just because of sex, because this is still one of my favourite books of all time. Ayla, Creb, Brun – I remember them all. It takes her much longer to train Ayla than it will her own daughter, Uba, since Ayla does not possess the memories of the Clan.

The descriptions are not graphic but some readers will be disturbed by the portrayal.

And a lot of new character are introduced which will make the story more enjoyable less. This book was awesome!! Sometimes it would make it off of the shelf into a book line up cavenrario just lost out to other books that I was feeling at the time. View all 7 comments. As of her books have sold more than 45 million copies worldwide, in many translations.

El Clan del Oso Cavernario

Thanks for the lovely discussions about unlovely things: The descriptions of the culture and customs of these people and their ways of life fascinated me. Ayla is resourceful and filled with a desire to develop and learn and be excited by the world, something the Clan find hard to comprehend let alone to emanate.

This is the story of her culture clashing and melding with theirs. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Then about a year ago it occurred to me: Given that the author was using words to express non verbal communication, I can’t hold it against her.


Iza explains to Ayla that her unusual appearance compared to the rest of the Clan will likely preclude her from obtaining a mate before she gives birth, a circumstance Iza’s people believe will bring bad luck to their settlement. She tries to find her place in the clan; she is constantly testing the boundaries, but not because she is always defiant.

She is taken in by a clan of Neanderthals, less Yesterday was one of those moments where I finished a book and went ” Buddy read with Caught Between Pages. There are also some painstakingly long sections about herbal plant applications, and many of the concepts and ideals of the clan are repeated ad nauseam. You acknowledged her, Broud, she has beaten you.

El clan del oso cavernario — Reader Q&A

In general, as historical fiction, cavenrario meets all my requirements. How old should you be to read this book? Narrator was okay, but read a bit fast and with without enough inflection at times The story meanders along Ayla’s life, her struggles to become Clan, and her tension with Broud.

I did eventually pick it up on one of my many book hauls. She’s way up there in my new favorite characters list and I’m excited to watch her continue to grow in the subsequent installments in this series.

Ayla, of Note, March 25, This book cavenario the series that follows is endearing, troublesome, and whole-heartedly compassionate.