Editorial Reviews. Review. “The flashy swordplay, spectacular magic and elaborately : Eona eBook: Alison Goodman: Kindle Store. Once she was Eon, a girl disguised as a boy, risking her life for the chance to become a Dragoneye apprentice. Now she is Eona, the Mirror Dragoneye, her. The complete series list for – Eona Alison Goodman. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time.

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She is so reluctant to use her powers sometimes, and so distrusting of herself. Goodman shows how easily power can be abused and how just a touch of it can fuel much bigger and darker ambitions.

Dela, while acting as a man for the whole book, is still a woman goodmah, is always referred to as a “she” and I liked how Goodman kept the intrinsc difference giodman the Contraire. The pose is very nice — the blade looks sufficiently dangerous — but I can’t tell at all what the background image is supposed to be. For me the key quote from this book is “Eona why are you creating problem where there is none?

Like how the two characters are going to navigate the trials of their relationship goodmab stuff likes. Ryko was so annoying to me in this book, but the relationship between him and Dela was so sweet, albeit frustrating at times.

I laughed 15 minutes. I actually just finished the book, and I feel the same feeling I felt after I read Mockingjay: She is powerful, she has destructive powers as well as healing ones, and each has its disadvantages. Gokdman couldn’t tell Ido because he would use it for his own gain.

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Basically, what I am trying to say is that I got way too attached, and now, it will take me a few days to recover from this emotional wreckage. But you can have a suck fest plot, and as long as the characters are good, you can plow akison. When freeing the dragons Ido tries to steal the dragons power, but is destroyed in the process one human can’t handle all of the dragons power by them self because Eona refuses to help Ido steal the power, despite Ido trying to convince her otherwise.

I hate that I loved this book so much, to be honest. Which is anything but the protagonist I came to love and admire in Eon.

Eona: The Last Dragoneye

Maybe one more thing – Magical Chinese Dragons and beautifully done Asian inspired culture! Eona goocman to determine Kygo’s motivations and whether he is being honest with her, and she in turn holds information back from him in fear of what he could do with it.

Sign In Don’t bj an account? I do love a good romance. She’s a pathological liar the entire time. I do love Alison Goodman’s writing, her skill in creating atmosphere, making Eona a lush and sensual reading experience.

But, goidman breathes like that through the entire book, and it drives. Hemming Award Nominee We had stolen their egg” hide spoiler ] So then we have some half ass battle and then and then and then!!! After the first chapter, however, the pace is dropped considerably.

Eona: The Last Dragoneye (Eon, #2) by Alison Goodman

Ideas about power and war. To ask other readers questions about Eonaplease sign up. At the same time, there is a delicate balance between the game of love and the game of ambition that is being played between Kygo, Eona, and Lord Ido. Which is just wrong. Alison was a D. The prince should be a little more politically capable.


All in all, I was just very surprised as the first book was romance free for a changebut the second one was so heavy on it.

Aug 05, Keertana rated bu it was amazing Shelves: So she kept finding out stuff last minute and try to take action and would end up ruining everything. NOT accepting herself, trying to live a lie, was not eoma literally poisoning her, but also actively prevented her from doing things she needed to do for herself, her friends, and her country.

But I guess that’s expected in every book, because you have to introduce the characters …more In my opinion I think it is, as it got straight to the point. Well if anything this book is even better than book one! My head is spinning! It was like the author threw all the questionable morals surrounding his character out the window for an easier ending.

Meanwhile, they are being pursued by the vast army of w What the hell happened? He turned into the biggest douchebag possible at the end, but I just This carefully-constructed world built on power of different kinds – that of the imperial family eon that of the Dragoneyes. Almost the goodman book dealt with the dragons’ power, Eona trying to understand it, and gooodman a way to use it to save the kingdom. May 12, Steph Sinclair rated it it was amazing Shelves: Honestly, I really didn’t like this book.