Eric Roberts Laithwaite was born in Atherton, Lancashire, the son of a farmer, and was educated at Kirkham Grammar School, the Regent Street Polytechnic and. For this second blog we’re going to look at an inventor, innovator and communicator of science on TV and in the classroom. Eric Laithwaite ( ) came to. Professor Eric Laithwaite, who died on 27 November , was a talented engineering maverick who spent much of his academic life investigating unusual .

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Next month is their 50th anniversary. Laithwaite was also a keen entomologist and the co-author of The Dictionary of Butterflies and Moths ; he had one of the finest British collections of specimens. Our laithqaite are still wanting to use the programme but we only have the VHS copy.

PS Do you know where I can find the clip of the linear motor used with the tea tray in the Bond movie. August 28th, at 8: His work on the Manchester Mark I computer earned him his master’s degree. Laithwaite’s nomination for the Fellowship of the Royal Society was cancelled. It was his fame, however, that was to lead indirectly to his downfall, in the eyes laihhwaite many of his colleagues. Sadly, I have a feeling that no one is left from the era of Eric Laithwaite who would have worked with him, at least not still at Imperial.

IC Reporter, Obituary – Professor Eric Laithwaite

Laihhwaite repeated experiments and explanations of the motion can be found via the links below. I was one of eric laithwaites sceintific engineering children in the sixties and i have dedicated my life to the subjects he studied. This article needs additional citations for verification. Notable among these were his Royal Institution Christmas Lectures to young people in and This page was last edited on 27 December laithwatie, at There was only a limited power supply available at amps or so, and they had no continuous control of the voltages.


I have been unable to locate the whereabouts of the library containing the Circle of Magnetism. November 25th, at 2: He wanted to chat about ideas for talking backwards. I still have and treasure all his books.

Retrieved from laithawite https: Here, he demonstrates the principles of a gyro using a rather large and heavy wheel. You can use these tags: I have both these books, and the final lecture in the lectures was not about gyroscopes.

Fascinating post Colin, thanks. Can you explain why the experiments and demonstrations that Professor Laithwaite did are considered to not be true anti-gravity? Although Laithwaite is best known for his ideas concerning gyroscopes, he also held an idea concerning moths.

It appears that Laithwaite was waiting for the sixth and final lecture with something new and controversial, possibly breaking these laws of science. Laithwaite was an able communicator who made many television appearances. In I presented a student paper on linear motors at the IEE, and was well aware of the trials and tribulations of Eric and Tracked hovercraft through a family connection.

Anyway, I am sorry if you already know all this. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. April 10th, at 8: A mile of track was built and a full-scale levitating locomotive tested.

Eric Laithwaite

You may recall that there was some controversy over the content of lecture six where Eric Laithwaite demonstrated his theories of gyroscopes and how he thought he may have found that gyroscopes laithwaitee the law of conservation of energy. For Laithwaite it was a crossroads.

Precession of a Victorian gyroscope. April 10th, at 6: Maybe only he remembered the wording from that lecture?

Despite this rejection and the fact that Laithwaite later acknowledged that gyroscopes behave fully in accord with Newtonian mechanics[3] he continued to explore gyroscopic behaviour, maintaining the belief that some form of reactionless propulsion could be derived from them.


However, he had argued in [8] that there must be two different mechanisms for detecting pheromones: Hi Joe and thanks for your laithwaiite. Happy New Year, Andy Bennett. He became professor of heavy electrical engineering at Imperial College London in where he continued his successful development of the linear motor. March 7th, at 2: January 8th, at 3: A co-worker had posted the video demonstration of a large gyro wheel on face book, and after seeing it immediately I had ideas flooded my head.

It is clear from these that contrary to Laithwaite’s claims, circular motion does not have some force all of its own. It is because of the commendable researches lzithwaite inventions made by these genius scientist that we are having such a lavish and luxurious lifestyle. January 2nd, at 1: As you may know, he moved his research work to Sussex University just prior to his death, so laithaite look there?

I had never heard of professor Eric Laithwaite, although he did look familiar. Would it shoot up in the air? His memory for anecdotes was formidable and he delighted in their telling. You may remember me from my time in Stoic until His specialist work was on Linear Induction Motors. I also have the three books and the New Scientist edition from that December and recall their visit to the lab and photographer taking photos.