Leung SF, Metreweli C, Tsao SY, Van Hasselt CA. Staging abdominal ultrasonography in nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Australas Radiol. Feb;35(1 )– POLA KARIES PENDERITA KARSINOMA NASOFARING YANG MEMPEROLEH TERAPI RADIASI. Article (PDF Available) · July with 20 Reads. CA: a cancer journal for clinicians. Global Cancer Faktor Risiko Non Viral Pada Karsinoma Nasofaring. Jan ; Jurnal Kesehatan Andalas.

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Besides southern China, high incidence was also reported among Inuits and other native populations of the Arctic region.

Nasopharyngeal carcinoma in Indonesia: epidemiology, incidence, signs, and symptoms at presentation

Iskandar H and Munir M eds. Heat shock genes-integrating cell survival and death.

However the clear mechanism of accumulation chemotherapy For overall pathologic data, we were able to access the combined pathologic database of 13 university hospitals in Indonesia compiled under the supervision of Professors Kurniawan and Cornain at our institute [25]. Vasef MA and Ferlito A Cancer Incidence in Five Continents; p. The pattern of disease failure showed reduction of both loco-regional and distant failure with chemoradiation.

F,Ginecologycal Cancer in Indonesia, J. The increased number of copies of EBV DNA found in the blood during the initial phase of radiotherapy suggests that the viral DNA was released into the circulation after cell death With conventional lateral opposing fields, protection of adjacent radiosensitive organs while giving high dose nasofxring targets is difficult.

For more advanced or infiltrative tumors, a second course of external radiotherapy is nwsofaring Finally, smoking cigarettes with exotic additives and working in poorly ventilated places are strongly associated with NPC. Expert rev molecular medicine 3, A large variation of tumor volume is present in T stages and primary tumor volume represents an independent prognostic factor of local control. Future Oncol 6, — Submissions are reviewed under a broad scope of topics relevant to experimental and clinical cancer research.


When external radiotherapy was employed as the salvage option, the overall 5-yr survival rate was Treatment of stage I nasopharyngeal carcinoma: The confirmation of the disease still depends on endoscopic examination and biopsy.

Indonesian Journal of Cancer

Ann N Y Acad Sci. The outcome of these patients have improved with the application of the appropriate surgical salvage. HLA linkage data reveal that younger and older onset patients are genetically different and may involve different mechanisms [10] — [12].

International histological classification of tumours: Clinical signs and symptoms at presentation Most patients in our study cohort presented with advanced disease. Proposal for a new histopathological classification of the carcinomas of the nasopharynx.

Therefore, epidemiologically, NPC is an interesting cancer because of this defined geographic and racial distribution, pointing to genetic, social, and environmental factors in the etiology of this nnasofaring type. Staging and follow-up of nasopharyngeal carcinoma: Brachytherapy also delivers radiation at a continuous low dose rate, which gives it a further radiobiological advantage over fractionated external radiation. Good loco-regional control should be the prime objective of treatment, as loco-regional relapses represent a significant risk factor for the development of distant metastases Sreedhar C and Sermely The purpose of this study is to analyze intracellular Hsp70 protein expression of NPC patients which correlate with staging of NPC as clinical manifestation.

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Ultrastructure of nasopharyngeal carcinomas in American and Chinese patients; an application of electron microscopy to geographic pathology.

MRI is very im International Nasopharynx Cancer Study Group. As the fractional dose will affect the biological effectiveness of radiation 75there is a component of biological modulation of radiation besides just modulating the physical radiation dose in IMRT.

The data from Guangdong were recently paralleled by findings in native Bidayuh people of Serawak, Malaysia, who also had a high incidence of NPC Clinical examination, including endoscopic examination of the nasopharynx can provide valuable information on mucosal involvement and local tumor extension.

Alternatively, treatment can be continued using the lateral opposing facio-cervical fields but with shrinkage of fields to avoid the spinal cord, and by treating the superior-posterior lymphatic with electron fields 61 In additional of using multiple shaped conformal beams, IMRT also allows for fine modulation of radiation intensity within each radiation beam.

FDG-PET is superior to other imaging studies such as computed tomography or MRI fa detecting residual or recurrent disease in the nasopharynx and this can usually be confirmed with biopsy through endoscopic examination.