The Pasteurization of France, trans. A. Sheridan and J. Law, Cambridge Mass.: Harvard University Press, , BRUNO LATOUR The ‘Franslatcd by Aian Sheridan andjolin r^iw The Pasteurization of France Bruno Latour Translated by Alan Sheridan and John Law. The Pasteurization of France [Bruno Latour, Alan Sheridan, John Law] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What can one man accomplish.

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This is why it is pointless to claim that Pasteur’s discov- eries were believed because they were convincing. It is, much more than his pride supposes, due to an anonymous, perpetual collaboration and to the exchange of ideas in the air, each of which makes its useful, obscure contribution” p.

A peculiar revolution indeed! What does a great man like Napoleon or Kutuzov really do? The young officer who held it got lost and could not find the generals; eventually he arrived late at night at a mansion between the front lines where, to his surprise, the high staff were carousing. How was he able to galvanize the other forces to support his own research? The lesson in sociology that Pasteurians and hygienists give to their time and to sociologists of science is that if we wish to obtain economic and social relations in the strict sense, we must first extirpate the microbe.

We ought to ask history to display the same humihty that we have asked sociology to do. Latour argues that the triumph of the biologist and his methodology must be understood within the particular historical convergence of competing social forces and conflicting interests.

The Revue Scientifique, a general weekly review founded in the mid-nineteenth century and written by scientists themselves for a wider educated public, falls somewhere between Scientific American and the general-interest pages of Science. To reconstruct Pasteurism, it has to be said, even with a certain degree of exaggeration, that what the hygienist movement did with Pasteur it would have done anyway without him.


Sep 24, AskHistorians added it Shelves: We always say, for instance, that time is ir- reversible. Latour shows Pasteur’s efforts to win over the French public–the farmers, industrialists, politicians, and much of the scientific establishment. Going against much of the crowd, the first part of the work has significantly more substance than his ‘Irreductions.

Koch did not share the same weaknesses, and he attacked Pasteur far from Paris and on the terrain of the new scientific medicine. Indeed, we are tempted to fall down on our knees in admiration, since the rapid, complete transformation of a society is attributed to the “thought” of one man.

The Pasteurization of France |

There are continuous comparisons in the book between what Tolstoy did in War and Peace and what Latour does here. A mother gives perfectly pure milk to an infant katour it dies of typhoid fever.

After the cure of Joseph Meister alone, Richet exclaims: Antisepsia made this miracle possible: Such a view is no more tenable than is the statement that Kutuzov defeated Napoleon.

In particular, they do not wait for the sociologist to define for them the society in pasteurizatiin they live.

Bruno Latour The Pasteurization Of France ( 1993)

But I have some pasteurjzation and remarks. Time, that celebrated time, would at last be able “to climb the ladder,” as Peguy says in Clio?

The Pas- teurians were to arrive on the scene like players in a game of Scrabble. The investigator, a certain Gibert, is confronted by fraance puzzle worthy of Sherlock Holmes: The few sociological explanations are feeble com- pared with the strictly sociological master stroke of the Pasteurians and their hygienist alhes, who simply redefined the social hnk by including the action of the microbes in it.

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Oft held as a genius in postmodern sociology circles, and as a buffoon in pretty much everywhere padteurization.

In the second part of the book, “Irreductions,” Latour sets out his notion of the dynamics of conflict and interaction, of the “relation of forces. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. This site uses cookies.

Regarding this matter, Latour describes his method in this book as remaining open so that we do not need to prescribe the role and power of each agent:. The British were of course more advanced than the French, but Pasteur’s compatriots were not lagging behind. A juster approach would be to treat both victors and defeated sym- metrically.

Full text of “Bruno Latour The Pasteurization Of France ( )”

For each of the relevant articles I sketched the interdefinition of the actors and the translation chains, without trying to define a priori how the actors were made up and ranked. The issue is at once 36 War and Peace of Microbes much more simple and much more difficult.

From the only point of view known to statistics, this mis- cellany of disparate facts can only produce the following: