AMPHIESMA STOLATUM. Buff Striped Keelback. 花浪蛇 (hua1lang4she2). Status: Not Protected. Non-venomous. VIDEOS. Amphiesma stolatum. The buff striped keelback (Amphiesma stolatum) is a species of nonvenomous colubrid snake found across Asia. It is a typically nonaggressive snake that feeds . Amphiesma stolatum (Linnaeus, ) – Striped Keelback. Taxonomic Notes: Photo Gallery; Early stages; Distribution; Identification; Status, Habitat and Habits .

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Found mostly close to water: This terrestrial, diurnal snake inhabits well-watered lowland plains and hills [2]. Send a request for permission. The eyes have large round pupils with golden flecks on the iris. Summary of general nature of feeding interactions. Russian Journal of Herpetology.

Reptile of Hong Kong

The rostral touches a total of 6 shields. It encourages ‘citizen science’, where ordinary citizens participate in gathering scientific data and building this free resource on Indian reptiles. The snakes of China [in Chinese].

Does not include altitudinal distribution, which is covered under Habitat. Brownish back ammphiesma continuous black bands exist which fuse to form blackish-brown posterior body.

Gravid females have been found from April to August and eggs are laid in underground holes from May to September. The snake aestivates during hot weather and appears at the end of summer.


White-striped keelback (Amphiesma stolatum)

It has long rear teeth for catching frogs and toads. A collection of reptiles from Hunan and Anhwei provinces, China. The interscale colours become visible only when the amphkesma puffs itself up when agitated. Mating is thought to take place during the aestivation period. Striped Keelback is known for actively feeding on amphibians which mainly includes frogs and toads. It is a typically nonaggressive snake that feeds on frogs and toads.

User specific search options User. The supraocular is moderately well developed forming a ridge above and a short distance anterior to eye. List of Chinese snakes.

Natrix stolata chinensis Mell ROI website is produced by: Kriegeri, Marburg, pp. A new natricine snake of the genus Amphiesma Squamata: Journal of Threatened Taxa 5 May also be referred to include anatomy.

Identifying characteristics The nasal shield does not touch the second supralabial upper lip shield. Feeds mainly on toads and frogs.

Liste annotee des Serpents du Laos. Also includes information referring to territorial extension of the individual or group in terms of its activities feeding, mating, etc.

Sharma Amphiesma stolata chinesisTanya Chan-Ard et al. The sides of the head are yellow, and the head tapers to form a distinctive neck. Videos of White-striped keelback Buff striped keelback.


Publishing, New Delhi, pp. Ganther Verlag, Rugell, pp. Also feeds on small rodents. Revue Suisse de Zoologie 84 3: Related observations Show all. Supralabial 8, 3rd to 5th touches eyes, occasionally 7; preocular 1; loreal 1; postocular 3.

Buff striped keelback

The current map showing distribution of species is only indicative. Bengali — Hele sanp. Lives in moist vegetation of agricultural lands, gardens, open forests etc. The ‘BioAtlasIndia’ website family currently has the following members: Publishing Corporation Masroor R.

India Biodiversity Portal

Tail of typical length, with a pointed tip. Web pages and scripting Jiri Hosek. All images on this site are copyright of their respective owners and may only be used with their permission.

The body of the buff striped keelback is short, and it has a long slender tail which is almost a quarter of its length. Ophidia Taprobanica or the Snakes of Ceylon.

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