Auntie-Mame script at the Internet Movie Script Database. Auntie Mame plot summary, character breakdowns, context and analysis, and performance video clips. AUNTIE MAMEBy Patrick DennisLeft an orphan after the death of his father, young Patrick Dennis is adopted by his extravagant aunt, who.

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Auntie Mame Movie Script

Haven’t even called my office. We pay grocery and butcher bill. The Knickerbocker Bank is so conservative, they don’t pay interest.

No, mamme can’t be. If he misbehaves, we can toss him in the river. Didn’t you get my telegram saying we’d arrive at 6: Put this on my head. I have something to tell you! Spock mention that a child needs a father?

Go down and make Mr. You can’t desert me in my predicament. Life’s a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death! Yes, 57th Street is right in my neck of the woods. Your heart is from Tiffany’s too. I’m not a bit sure I want to do it. A Library of Sound. She’s having such fun being miserable.


Auntie Mame | Samuel French

That’s Babcock, the baboon-faced aunyie to you. Be the first one to write a review. He can’t wait to meet you.

No, your telegram said October 1. I can’t thank you enough. I’ve met a girl. You could revitalize me with a single, motherly kiss. Wear it with your mink coat. I wouldn’t let her.

National Unified Auditions New York. The bubbles no longer tickle my nose.

Patrick, take off your hat. The little lad is fine. His expenses shall be supervised by Mr.


Quntie, just as a courtesy, we’ll come and discuss it. Can I do something? How can I be a wife? I’d denounce Calvin Coolidge as a Bolshevik. Give me another chance. Dennis, this sales book is a shambles! There you are, Mr. Russell, who created the title role for the stage, simply shines. Besides, it takes Agnes no time at all to knock off a Dr. Or to earn money to fight him with. Remember darlings, “Life’s a banquet, and most suckers are starving to death. She’s heading for the icehouse!


May I call you “Mame”? We own solid stuff like Bank of the United States. My only living relative. Now, some pickled octopus, raw fish tails I knew that letter was worrying you. It’s like removing your hat in America.

Even a lad of 15 can feel strongly about his country’s independence. Patrick, nothing can ever really separate us. He won’t have to worry about his future. I should have gone to meet her. Well, we’ve got a little present for you too, lto and me.

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