NAVMC EF USMC Fitness Report () from . duty stations, but it is good to still have this filled in – BLANKS LOOK BAD and perception is key!. Measurably contributes to Navy’s increased retention and reduced attrition objectives. – Proactive leader/exemplary mentor. Involved in subordinates’ personal. Navy FITREP and Evaluation resource. We are are resource to assist Navy Sailors in writing FITREPs, EVALs, CHIEFEVALs, awards, and Navy counseling.

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Understand criteria for meaningful descriptive writing in comment section Block Everyone needs to fill this in. LT Use letter abbreviation for rank vice the grade i. Fitness Reports and Selection Fotrep. This signifies the command held a PFA during the reporting period. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Normally, your designator such as, N,etc. Volunteered for 3 Platoon 7 events.

Understand responsibilities of evaluators and those being evaluated. In the large box, the basic format should be standard fitreep everyone.

Navy Medical Corps Career Blog

Evaluating is something you will do for your sailors, now is the time to train. How long your condition and limitations will last or at least c.


Write bullets effectively and efficiently. Company Commander A, B, etc. Platoon Commander A1, B2, etc. This must be done by everyone!

Inventory Sheets – Wesleyan Potters. By far the most involved fire team member. Not include grades or PFA Scores. Review entire evaluation for accuracy before submitting it.

Use — Identify the action showing this trait. See examples Block He leads by example, maintains a positive, can-do 2 attitude regardless of the situation and is quick to assist his teammates. You may now save this anywhere you like.

See slides toward the end of this powerpoint! Squad A1, B1, etc. Yes, some MIDN will have the exact same wording, but for the most part everyone will have a unique block If the member participated in drill, activities etc.

Basic Anatomy of a FITREP « Navy Medical Corps Career Blog

Decide now what you want to do for the upcoming semester Spring. Try to use Power words. Ensure every bullet includes these three parts as clearly and definitively as possible. Then spell out your primary billet, add a -4 number of months you held that billet and give a brief description after description end with period. If you forget to ask, ask someone what you forgot to ask, have them remind you, then ask!


Navy FITREP, CHIEFEVAL and Evaluation Resource

Bullet description of your accomplishments. If your name is too long, type full last name and as much of your first name as possible leaving enough room for a space and your Middle Initial. Include your contribution to command awards e. No Suffix Block 2: Continue blannk to appropriate slides in this presentation.

Gleason Service Learning Staff Brief. Instructs, advises, and prepares the next generation of Naval Officers. Volunteered to mentor two additional freshmen; both had no unauthorized absences and improved PRT scores from good to excellent.

Future recommendation regarding promotion, billet and command.