CHOTANAGPUR TENANCY ACT PDF – (1) This Act may be called the Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act,. 18 Sep Chhotanagpur Tenancy Act of is an. (1) This Act may be called the Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act, [(2) It extends to [the North Chotanagpur, the South Chotanagpur and Palamau Divisions]. Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act. Thumbnail. View/Open. GIPE (Kb) · GIPEpdf (Mb). Date. Author. Legislative.

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Y becomes a tenure-holder in respect wct the land. Tenant not liable to transferee of landlord’s interest for rent paid to former landlord, without notice of the transfer 51A.

None of the documents are registered under the Registration Actnor the same are In the case of a transfer by sale or gift, the landlord shall be entitled to levy a registration fee of the following amount, namely: Adi Saiva Sivachariyargal Nala Sangam vs.

Ejectment of tenure-holder and cancellation of lease for arrears Revision by Revenue Officer – 1 Any Revenue Officer specially empowered by the [State] Government in this behalf may on application or on his own motion within twelve months from the making of any [entry in the draft record-of-rights or of any] order or decision under Section 83, Section 85 or Section 86, revise the same, whether it was made by himself or by any other Revenue Officer, but not so as to affect any order passed under Section 87 or any order passed in appeal under Section 85, sub-section 4: Power of Deputy Commissioner to grant lease to Raiyat in default of landlord – If a decree is given avt the grant of a lease to a ‘Raiyat and the landlord tenaancy, for a period of three months, after the date of the decree, to grant such lease, the Deputy Commissioner may grant a lease in conformity with the terms of the decree, under his own hand and seal; and such lease shall have the same force and effect as if granted by the landlord.


Negligence and poor implementation of maternal benefit provisions leads to Maternal death, husband files petition.

Examination and cross-examination of parties or their agents and of witnesses, written statement by defendant Abandonment of land by Raiyat Sections to shall not apply, and the following provisions shall have effect, namely: After Supreme Court order, airport services changed to accommodate passengers with disabilities. Re-hearing of appeal on application of respondent against whom ” ex-parte ” decree passed Application to set aside sale of immovable property on deposit of debt and compensation to purchaser Act 2 of HRLN in your state.

Method of calculating present value of praedial conditions Jagdish So Ramcharan v. Transfer for certain purposes.

Provided that a gift to the husband or wife of the donor or to a son adopted renancy the Hindu Law or to a relation by consanguinity within three degrees of such donor shall not require any registration fee to be paid to the landlord as provided in sub-section 2. However, inanother application for restoration was filed by respondent no.

Sabar Ekta Manch vs. Supreme Court passes landmark judgement chotaagpur detailed reports on alleged fake encounters in Manipur. You have reach your max limit.

Human Rights Law Network (HRLN)

Documents to chohanagpur prepared in course of survey and preparation of record-of-rights. District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission Appeal to Judicial Commissioner or High Court Tata Iron And Steel Co.

Appeal to Deputy Commissioner when to be presented Execution of decree or order for cancelment of lease, for ejectment or re-instatement of tenant not being an actual cultivator Amarendra Nath Dutta And Others… v.


Prohibition of purchase by officers Biswas and Others vs. Execution of decree or rent given in favour of the sharer in undivided estate or tenure The suit was decreed in part, holding that the order passed under section 46 4 of the Act was illegal and without jurisdiction and the plaintiff acquired right, title and interest over the suit land on Restrictions on the transfer of Bhuinhari tenure.

features of chotanagpur tenancy act | Issues and Challenges in India

Landlord entitled chotnagpur counterpart engagement T Actwas in total measuring 2. Prohibition against conversion of certain land into Korkar Special rule of limitation in certain applications and suits before a Revenue-Officer. Note of final decisions in record Section 49 of the Registration Act Limitation of appeal to Judicial Commissioner or High Court Application of certain provisions to rights if pasturage, to take forest produce, etc.

Indication of movable property to be seized – 1 Any movable property required to be seized under warrant of execution shall, if practicable be described in a list to be furnished by the judgement-debtor; but, if the creditor is unable to furnish such list, he may apply for a general seizure of the debtor’s effects to the amount of the judgement and costs.

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Authority For Advance Rulings.

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