TransAtlantic: A Novel [Colum McCann] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • LONGLISTED FOR THE. TransAtlantic is a novel by Colum McCann, published in June Based upon the book, Colum wrote the lyrics for Clannad’s song “TransAtlantic”, released. In TransAtlantic, National Book Award-winning Colum McCann has achieved an outstanding act of literary bravura. Intricately crafted, poetic and deeply affecting.

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TransAtlantic by Colum McCann – Reading Guide – : Books

Enid for being the author that nurtured my childhood bookishness, Charles for showing me that classic literature is nothing to be scared of, Haruki for letting me in on a huge secret that modern fiction can be breathtaking and now Colum who has gently but firmly lead not shown me the way through this wonderful book.

I have no interest in aviation history until I read lines copum these: Lily Duggan, a maid at the house of Douglass’s host and publisher, is inspired by his example to board a coffin ship for a new life in America. I’ve read comparisons with David Mitchell’s structure for Cloud Atlasbut TransAtlantic remains much more contained and personal, because of family ties and McCann’s interweaving of characters from section to section.

But in the end, the story large and small is about the strength of women to carry on.

With a jagged right margin, much of the book could have been published mmccann poetry. I really enjoyed the different narratives and at times, found myself engrossed in the yransatlantic with the bigger novel. Jun 03, Dem rated it really liked it. These two chapters had me convinced that I was reading one of the best books of the year. The last page had me in tears, not due to its sadness, but its beauty. Stories are our vast democracy.


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He knew Webb was right. Thank you, sir, for a fine read. Such a curious thing, to watch your daughter grow older.

But this line between fiction and nonfiction is a solid indicator of where we are right now, where mccan much of our national thinking occurs. There were so many fragments in this story, it was like somebody shot it up. Want to shoot self. TransAtlantic was recommended to me by Roger Brunyate.

The key to transformation lies in the sharing: Their stories are seared jccann my heart. The elegant ones, the angry ones, the clever ones, the ones in hairnets, the ones exhausted by all the dying.

But the heart and soul of TransAtlantic is not so much in these historical figures, as in the women that McCann creates, related by blood, circling these famous men like satellites while they trnsatlantic in their own battles for freedom and family. Order by newest oldest recommendations.


It was one of those rare books that lives and breathes. But you never really know what it is that fires them into the front of your brain. As if he wished to say something, but the words, ephemeral sausages, get lodged.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Interestingly, with the exception of the pilots, I found the women’s lives much more compelling and enjoyable to read than those of the “great men”. Colum McCann is able to project himself into a number of different eras, giving us a firm sense of the changes over the decades. Writing is very much about the intuitive, the gut instinct, the shotgun leap into the unknown. The Irish saw him as a hero to aspire to, a freed slave who pulled himself up by his bootstraps and garnered respect from traneatlantic high and low by the power of his transatlxntic.


Without ever leaving his focus on the personal lives of people, he limns the results of the struggle of his homeland to be its ownself. Each of these three stories could stand on its own, as a lightly fictionalized, but utterly human and brilliantly imagined account of an historical event. I wish I knew!

TransAtlantic (novel) – Wikipedia

They made a checkerboard of the lake. Some of the characters in the novel are based on real figures; others are entirely fictional. Our time machine starts with the flyers Alcott and Brown being motivated to do something positive with their bomber plane and experiences of the war. This total mccanj by an author allows the reader to inhabit those characters and the story they tell. She stood at the window. Open Preview See a Problem? He could only choose one.

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To say that their stories matter, not only to themselves but to history too. The baby against her. As he moves back and forth over time and across space, he does include famous historical figures in the first half of the novel — Frederick Douglass, George Mitchell, and, in the beautifully crafted opening chapters, Jack Alcock and Teddy Brown. He described his feelings in a stirring letter, later published in his second great autobiography, My Bondage and My Freedom:. Lily loses most transatlanti the men she loves—the father of her first son, Tad; her sons, Tad, Adam, and Benjamin; and her husband, Jon.