Implementation of the COTIF and European law that has an impact . COTIF UR CIM, Appendix B to. COTIF. General Terms and. The Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail is an intergovernmental COTIF was modified by a Protocol that was signed in Vilnius on 3 June These systems of law have been in existence for decades and are known as the CIV (for passengers) and CIM (for freight/goods) Uniform Rules. Webmaster: Baruno Wironugroho.

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Where the calculation of compensation requires the conversion of sums expressed in foreign currencies, conversion shall be at the rate of exchange applicable on the day and fim the place of payment of the compensation. In the case of the death of the passenger the damages shall include:. If any contravention is established, the passenger must pay the costs arising from the verification.

Don’t already have an Oxford Academic account? No exemption shall be granted under this Article in respect of goods purchased or imported, or services provided, for the personal benefit of the staff members of the Organisation.

Memberships & Affiliations

Two or more Vim, by agreement, or two or more railways, by tariff clauses, may jointly determine the conditions with which certain substances or articles not acceptable for carriage under the RID must comply if they are nevertheless to be accepted. OTIF will also support all the actions proposed by members of the committee which are necessary in order to advance freight transport by rail.

In the Uniform Rules, the term “station” covers: Goods imported or exported by the Organisation and strictly necessary for the exercise of its official activities, shall be exempt from all duties and charges levied on import or export. In his report on the financial transactions, the Auditor shall mention:.

The period of limitation for actions for damages based on the liability of the railway in case of death of, or personal injury to, passengers shall be:. Liability of the railway in respect of registered cotiv. States or railways may, in the same manner, make the conditions for acceptance laid down in the RID less rigorous.

Legal regulation and enforceability of close-out netting provisions in Ukraine: Sub-paragraph a shall not apply to consignments in less than wagon loads if one of the participating railways is unable to adhere to the route chosen by the consignor by virtue of the routeing instructions arising from its arrangements for the international carriage of consignments in less than wagon loads.


The particulars entered by the consignor in the consignment note shall be in Roman lettering, save where the supplementary provisions or international tariffs otherwise provide. The consignor shall be liable for all cktif consequences of the absence of packing or defective condition of packing and shall in particular make good any loss or damage suffered by the railway from this cause. This summary coitf been archived and will not be updated, because the summarised document is no longer in force or does not reflect the current situation.

The duplicate shall not have effect as the consignment note accompanying the goods, nor as a bill of lading. The following persons shall not be permitted to travel or may be required to discontinue their journey:. The expenditure of the Organisation shall be financed by the Member States in proportion to the length of the lines listed.

Following the deposit of the instrument of accession, this shall take effect on the first day of the second month following the month during which the Central Office has notified the Member States of the list of lines and services of the new Member State. The convention was last revised in Vilnius in The affixing of seals to wagons shall be governed by the provisions in force at the forwarding station.

Such periods shall not in any case exceed those which would result from the application of the following paragraphs. When partial loss of, or damage to, registered luggage is discovered or presumed by the railway or alleged by coti person entitled, the railway must without delay, and if possible in the presence of the person entitled, draw up a report stating, according to the nature of the loss or damage, the condition of the registered luggage, its mass and, as far as possible, the extent of the loss or damage, its cause and the time of its occurrence.

Luggage shall be delivered at the station cootif which it has been registered. For the purposes of the preceding sub-paragraph the “State on whose territory the accident to the passenger happened” means the State whose flag is flown by the ferry. To be or not to be cotkf netting friendly jurisdiction? Amendments decided upon by the Committees shall be notified to the Member States by the Central Office.

Orders must not in any case have the effect of splitting the consignment. Within thirty days after receipt of such notification, the person entitled may require the item of luggage to be delivered to him at any station on the route. The consignor may stipulate in the consignment note which tariffs are to be applied.


In addition the person entitled may, if cotic proves that loss or damage has been suffered as a result of the delay, claim compensation not exceeding the carriage charges for carriage of the vehicle. The railway shall not be obliged to accept goods of which the loading, trans-shipment or unloading requires the citif of special facilities unless the stations concerned have such facilities at their disposal. Subject to Article 41, the liability of the railway in respect of loss or damage resulting from the late running or cancellation of a train or from a missed connection shall be determined cotiif the laws and regulations of the State in which the incident occurred.

The railway which has accepted luggage for carriage by issuing a luggage registration voucher shall be responsible for the carriage over the entire route up to delivery.

Convention Concerning International Carriage By Rail (COTIF)

If within a fortnight the undertaking cotof not pay the sum fixed by the Central Office, the latter shall send a further formal notice and draw attention to the consequences of non-compliance. Where purchase or services of substantial value and strictly necessary for the exercise of the official activities of the Organisation are made or used by the Organisation and where the price of such purchases or services includes taxes cotiif duties, appropriate measures shall, whenever possible, be taken by the Member States to grant exemption from such taxes and duties or to reimburse the amount thereof.

Within the scope of its official activities, the Organisation shall enjoy immunity from jurisdiction and execution save:.

That certificate shall indicate, according to the circumstances, that:. In addition, the report may mention transactions which have been posted in the course of an earlier financial year and about which new information has been obtained or transactions which are due to be carried out in the course of a later financial year and about which it seems desirable to inform the Administrative Committee in advance.