Czasowniki frazowe z przykładami użycia z książki Longman Repetytorium Maturalne poziom podstawowy. Matura Wydawnictwo Pearson. Język angielski – test: Wstaw w lukę odpowiedni czasownik frazowy. Język angielski – test: Wstaw w lukę odpowiedni przyimek bądź partykułę tak, by uzyskać pasujący do kontekstu czasownik frazowy.

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You’d better put a sweater on. Icouldn’t account for what I was doing yesterday. The refugee ached for his homeland. She failed the test and has been down for a week. The test is tomorrow.

The sun is beating down terribly today. You should be ashamed of teasing your little brother, Bob! Blow over – When a scandal gets forgotten; Our argument blow over rather fast. Give of – Contribute without expecting anything in return Give off – Emit pollution or something else unpleasant Give onto – Open into a place, for a door or window Give out – Distribute – Stop working – Have no more of a supply Give over!


She has been bashing away at her assignment all day. Will you help me put them away? The czasownioi blasted off and was on its way to the Moon.


Testy i Ćwiczenia – czasowniki frazowe

We have to adhere to our plan. I would like to ask czaspwniki neighbours over tonight. He was beat up by a bunch of hooligans.

Ostatnio czasowniko forum hello tireks, dzisiaj o Having spent a day in jail, Tom was bailed out by his parents. Hurricane Katrina bore down on Louisiana on Sunday. Who will help me pass them out? She’s barged into the meeting as if she suddenly were on the Board od Directors. It picked him up enough to finish his work. He tried to block out the accident permanently.

Longman Phrasal verbs – czasowniki frazowe

Zagadka mistrza Alberta komentarze: Power shortages were the cause of the black out in the city. They will czasownki for their deeds. He bailed out of the plane when it was about to crush. She blurted out all our secrets. He was banged up for stealing my precious socks: They blanked out the passage so that nobody could read it.

Polish Book FISZKI Czasowniki FRAZOWE – Angielski Polska | eBay

Will you help me pick them up? Pick on someone your own size! These figures don’t add up right. Do you want to talk to her? They are away for two days.


Billy’s grandmother especially liked her birthday card because Billy had picked it out himself. The TV is on.

I blanked this out off my memory.

czasownik Tom asked Mary out. We bedded down at Susan is down with flu. Pobierz w formacie PDF. Kto jest z Polski? He’s been up since 4. He is angling for your heart. Mary bloked in the shade of the city.

They bailed us out of the trouble. They backed up my story. What makes your child act up? Pole wymagane Niepoprawny adres e-mail.

Flashcards – C1 Phrasal Verbs R – Czasowniki Frazowe na literę R

I hate to put you outbut I need a ride to the train station and hope you can take me. When the policeman indicated that I should pull overI knew he was going to give me a ticket.

This information may bear on the case. Security has been beefed up after the explotion. He was just putting us on. The radio blared out an awful punk music.