Deryni Rising has ratings and reviews. Mike (the Paladin) said: It was years ago when I ran across Katherine Kurtz’s Deryni novels. Oddly, I ne. The classic novel that introduced the Deryni?and launched Kurtz?s career. For more than thirty years, the Deryni Chronicles have transported readers. Jul 20, Deryni Rising, like A Game of Thrones, takes place in a world notable for how closely it hews to historical example—or at least, to a somewhat.

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The one major difference is that magic works. While it isn’t our world, it almost feels like it.

My, my, how one’s impressions can change over a mere risung years! This book seems a bit mediocre in almost every way. I assume that it’s our world because the religion is most definitely Christianity, complete with scripture quotes, and because there are a few Moors in the background.

To me, it is still a classic.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. As an added irritant were stupid things like “his skittish warhorse pranced” if dedyni skittish it’s not a warhorseand telling the reader every. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The read can pull you in a bit and while there are some things I find annoying it is well done. Rereading the book now, I see its flaws, but still enjoy it. However, Kelson manages to thwart Jehana’s attempts to imprison Morgan, and the duke resumes his efforts to protect Kelson. The awarding of status to professionals by professionals is a crime. This book has all the marks of an early novel. I think the person who wrote the back hadn’t even read the book, although I suppose that isn’t the author’s fault.

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I definitely want to unpack The Goblin Emperor and Deryni Rising in my own question to the group, so I will reserve talking about that here.

There is no in-between. Nonetheless, Charissa easily defeats Jehana, and Kelson is forced to personally duel with the sorceress. And it still is I suppose. Though I love the Heirs of Saint Camber trilogy almost as much. The omniscient narrator jumps around from point-of-view to point-of-view, explaining everyone’s thoughts and motives and leaving no room for mystery, suspense, or the chance for me to deduce something on my own.

I mean, imagine a book set in a secondary world but without magic. Then I started reading Wheel of Time and from there jumped into Song of Ice and Fire, and the game was forever changed. I’ll discuss a couple of things a bit more below the spoiler warning.

A few hundred years back, they ruled the land unpleasantly until the normal humans, with the help of a few renegade Deryni, overthrew them. Morgan attempts to answer the challenge in his role as King’s Champion, but Charissa’s own champion seriously wounds the Deryni duke before being defeated, leaving Morgan unable to deal with Charissa herself. I’m glad that she dropped the rhymes after this book, but they do make the climactic battle between Kelson and his nemesis Clarissa a lot of fun.

I think this works better not as a standalone novel but perhaps as the first part of a larger narrative. If I’d read it back in high school, I could maybe have found my fantasy boyfriend among these characters who come across as personality-free now.

Kurtz did an incredible job of pulling off the story in such a competent fashion at a relatively young age and for her first novel. View all 6 comments. He’s a little less perfect there so I’m less gi I’ve loved this book since I was a boy.


nerds of a feather, flock together: MEGABLOGTABLE: Deryni Rising by Katherine Kurtz ()

It is very much a starting place – read this one to discover the world with the plan to read further – and my memory assures me that as I read onwards the depth, complexity and power of the world and the characters will grow. My foray into the fantasy genre was a little irregular. But it gives me great pleasure to know that the Deryni trilogies are waiting when I’m ready for them.

Camber was made a Saint by the church loosely Refresh and try again. Return to Book Page. I have the copy 7th reprint!!

Deryni Rising

Also, the constant politicking and framing of certain characters for crimes they had not committed got old VERY quickly. Having been told that I must read the Deryni series, I chose this revised, recently reprinted edition of the very first book. The biggest problem that I h I have come been vaguely aware of this series for years but somehow never read any of it when I was younger. Deryni Rising is the first of several Deryni novels Kurtz wrote.

What would you call that, if not fantasy? The book covers a two-week period in Novemberbeginning with the death of King Brion Haldane while leading a hunting party outside the city of Rhemuth.

With the Pretender now dead, Kelson is crowned as King of Gwynedd.

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