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I am currently working under Dr. You make all the decisions and try to make the very best ones you can so that you survive. Later jfr introduced numerous additional characters; about have been mentioned by name at least once. Elfquest The Art of the Retcon 1: Though the Pinis have decided to step back from daily production, it’s not the end of “Elfquest. It sold out and went back to press for additional printings, which was also unheard of at the ndr.

It’s A Dan’s World.

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The Complete Elfquest Volume 2. There is some tension between her and the other elves as a result of her kidnapping of the infant Windkin. She stayed with the Go-Backs after Venka became their chieftess.

Growing up on an isolated ranch in Gilroy, California, Wendy’s imagination was fueled by all forms of fantasy and mythology. Archived from the original on For the ElfQuest fan, definitely get it. He recognized Dewshine, resulting in the cub Windkin who floats. The half-elf, half-troll Two-Edge was the result of that union.

Elfquuest Elves are, at last, able to return home after the Father Tree is regenerated. But so were the love and courage that made every breath worthwhile. Humans in the ‘New Land’ known to humans as Junslandmostly in the storyline Shardsbut also in some short stories. Alternate History or Time Shift?

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The initial list is derived from the original series, which Warp Graphics published in — The talk today in entertainment is about diversity, inclusion and equality in the content created and in the workplace. Wendy and Richard Pini. Follow me on Twitter: I’d have to say for me, it would be the Wolfriders because they express my love of nature — and I’m absolutely crazy about wolves.

I had been telling myself stories since I was a wee tot, and they all tended to be a similar kind of story about a character or a group of characters questing out into the world to find out who they are or where they really belonged.

Atop the Fourth Wall. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Softcover volume of the Special and the 1st 6 issues of EQ Final Quest which takes you up to this year – currently the series is at issue 8 with 2 months in between comic releases The story reads better because elfuqest are no “To Be Continued” in between each comic as in the comic. One person found this helpful. Jdf mourns her daughter. The covers for the 1st 7 are in this volume, with brief commentary Mdr takes you up to Ember’s new holt, pre-Rayek, Venka.

About Me LC Douglass. Well, Dramaturg, there are no wizards and no spells in Elfquest. How Social Data can Manipulate Society. After the fall of Blue Mountain he tried to kill Dart and his human friend Geoki, and was in turn killed by Strongbow.

Elfquest creators Wendy and Richard Pini look back on their creation after 40 years | SYFY WIRE

Forty years of storytelling makes it incredibly dense. Once he found it, he used his rock-shaping skills to journey underground until they were under the palace, with jfr intent of encasing it in stone and not allowing it to fly away until the other elves promised to worship him as their lord and leader.


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After being reunited with his son Windkin, the three went on a quest elfuqest find Winnowill, for Tyldak to regain his wingless appearance and Windkin to gain wings. I’d have to go along with Wendy in saying the Wolfriders. The Hoan G’Tay Sho took him with them on their search for a new home in the rainforests of Sunholt, then spent the next 10, years building an elaborate elf-based religion around him.

Comics that Made Me a Fan: Elfquest | HISTORIES OF THINGS TO COME

She is very tall for an elf, with long blonde hair and large blue eyes; her nickname is Sad Eyes. The graphics, elfqueest, my favorite characters, they’re all there! She spent about ten thousand years creating monsters and playing with the humans in the new land, known to some of them as Lady of the Waves.

What’s it like to end this comic after 40 years and what qualities do you think helped it endure for so long? Rayek intervened by absorbing her spirit into himself, claiming that jde he once held all the spirits of the Gliders, he could hold her.

Deep thoughts, well formed and presented.