IN undertaking this new edition of lHonsiellr De Vattel’s treatise, it was not my the law of nature, the law of nations, and the civil law, are well known. ” The law. Cambridge Core – Political Theory – The Law of Nations – by Emmerich de Vattel / edited by Joseph Chitty. The great eighteenth-century theorist of international law Emer de Vattel (– ) was a key figure in sustaining the practical and theoretical influence of.

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All those treatises, therefore, in which the law of nations is blended and confounded with the ordinary law of nature, are incapable of conveying a distinct idea or a substantial knowledge of the sacred law of nations. The treatise of the philosopher of Hall[[e]] on the law of nations is dependent on all those of the same author on philosophy and the law of nature. And who would dare to assert that they would not have a right to oppose it?

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The manner in which a prince obtains his dignity has nothing to do with determining its nature. W E have seen in the preceding chapter, that it originally belongs to a nation to confer the vartel authority, and to choose the person by whom it is to be governed.

In the elector of Saxony finally recalled Vattel to Dresden, appointed him to the Privy Council, and made him chief adviser to the government of Saxony on foreign affairs. Without this knowledge, it cannot make any successful endeavours after its own perfection.

It gives the vatte, no right to interfere unasked in the execution of a treaty Persuaded that nations or sovereign powers are subject to the authority of the law of nature, the observance of which he so frequently recommends to them,—that learned man, in fact, emmerlch a natural law of nations, which he somewhere calls the internal law of nations: This has been corrected in the revised version, Londonand the latter forms the basis for the kaw edition.

Answer in behalf of Madame de Longueville to a memorial in behalf of Madame de Nemours. We shall conclude this subject with an important observation. He shares not his authority with a colleague, — he is hereditary, — and the state has, from time immemorial, borne the title of a kingdom. Government is established only for the sake of the nation, with a view to its safety and happiness. To what laws nations are subject.


Hence China is the best cultivated country in the world; it vagtel an immense multitude of inhabitants who at first sight appear to the traveller too numerous for the space they occupy. A political society is a moral person prelim.

Emmerich de Vattel

As men are subject to the laws of nature,—and as their union in civil society cannot have exempted them from the obligation to observe those laws, since by that union they do not cease to be men,—the entire nation, whose common will is but the result of the united wills of the citizens, remains subject to the laws of nature, and is bound to respect them in all her proceedings. The end or object of civil society is to procure for the citizens whatever they stand in need of for the necessities, the conveniences, the accommodation of life, and, in general, whatever constitutes happiness, — with the peaceful possession of property, a method of obtaining justice with security, and, finally, a mutual defence against all external violence.

If the authority of the prince is limited and regulated by the fundamental laws, the prince, on exceeding the bounds prescribed him, commands without any right, and even without a just title: The king of Naples pays homage for his kingdom to the pope, and is nevertheless reckoned among the principal sovereigns of Europe.

They say that an absolute sovereign completely possesses all the political authority of the society, which nobody Edition: The sovereign, thus clothed with the public authority, with every thing that constitutes the moral personality of the nation, of course becomes bound by the obligations of that nation, and naions with its rights.

Nations, it is true, can only be considered as so many ov persons living together in the state of nature; and, for that reason, we must apply to them all the duties and rights which nature prescribes and attributes to men in general, as being naturally born free, and bound to each other by no ties but those of nature alone.

They did their duty like men of honour and faithful subjects, in exposing their lives to save that of this unfortunate monarch: I nattions quoted the chief part of my examples Edition: No engagement can oblige or even authorise a man to violate the law of nature. Society established by nature between all mankind lix. If a nation is obliged to preserve itself, it is no less obliged carefully to preserve all its members. Vattel’s work began, in fact, by translating Wolff’s text from Latin, and adding his own thoughts.


The nation owes this to itself, since the loss even of one of its members weakens it, and Edition: The king of Prussia lzw sovereign prince of Neufchatel in Switzerland, without that principality being in any manner united to his other dominions; so that the people of Neufchatel, in virtue of their franchises, may serve a foreign power at vwttel with the king of Prussia, provided that the war be not on account of that principality.

Nihil est enim illi vattl Deo qui omnem hunc mundum regit, quod quidem in terris fiat, acceptius, quam concilia coetusque hominum jure sociati, quae civitates, appellantur.

Emmerich de Vattel | Swiss jurist |

What foreign observers often referred to as the Swiss republic was in fact a loose federation of independent and avttel diverse entities, some aristocratic, some democratic, some monarchical, all of them small, some no bigger than a town. To what a degree of power and glory has England arrived!

Robinson- War International law – pages. Although the English have from time immemorial been accustomed to get wine from Portugal, they are not on that account obliged to continue the trade, and have not lost the liberty of purchasing their wines elsewhere.

Online Library of Liberty

Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit Vttel history. Formerly her warlike princes and inhabitants made glorious conquests, which they afterwards lost by those reverses of fortune so frequent in war; at present, it is chiefly commerce that places in her hand the balance of Europe.

It is better to acknowledge here, once for all, the obligations I am under to that great master. Every nation that would not be wanting to itself, ought to apply its utmost care in establishing these laws, and principally its fundamental laws, — in establishing them, I say, with wisdom in a manner suitable to the genius of the people, and to all the circumstances in which they may be placed:

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