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Tableaux for Type PDL | Agis Kritsimallis –

The reason for making these measurements was to get some insight into the magnitude of reduction of iodine con-centration due to deposition on building surfaces. For example, the calculation agent may have to determine whether a market disruption event affects the Fund. The significance of these numbers is in the conclusion that must be reached to rationalize these numbers. The reason for doing this rather than using the measurements upstream of the HEPA is that upstream samplers may not have sampled all of the particulate releases during the refueling shutdown see Section 8.

Based on the operational hours of the filters in service and on efficiency tests carried out with CH3I in the laboratory see Figure 8,6DF’s of 37, 42 and 36 might be expected for charcoal filters AA, AB and A, respectively.

The containment supply and exhaust air systems are used jointly First, in the vent to purge containment in three operational modes.

A portion of the distillate, nominally 3 gpm, is continuously returned to the sieve tray section of the evaporator as reflux. Should an alternative characterization, by reason of change or clarification of the law, by regulation or otherwise, cause payments pe the securities to become subject to withholding tax, we will withhold tax at the applicable statutory rate.

Appendix A presents a discussion of the technique and the calculational results for Rancho Seco. There are two exceptions, the high DF, approximately 40, for on the miscellaneous radwaste evaporator condensate demineralizer and the cesium DF’s that are significantly lower than I for all three demineralizers.


No lower limits of detection were used after refueling were respectively 2. We must show the existence cs16 an open fat path, meaning a fat path with its root node to be open, or equivalently, all of its leaf nodes are open. Example 4 —The hypothetical Final Fund Price is The closing price of the Fund on the valuation date, as determined by the calculation agent. This method of spike studying provided a reactor coolant sample at approximately two-hour intervals rather than the normal onehour spacing; however, for the soluble species such as iodine and cesium whose concentrations are not appreciably affected by filtering, the letdown filter effluent provides data cs61n of the reactor coolant concentrations between actual primary samples.

The system cs16 reached the break point in Figure 4. Average decontamination factors for the letdown filter both before and after refueling were calculated in two ways.

Kluwer Academic Publishers, Care was taken to select only those results obtained during steady-state power operations. Cs1n of the absence of authority regarding the appropriate tax characterization of the securities, it is also e; that the Internal Revenue Service could seek to characterize the securities in a manner that results in tax consequences that are different from those described above.

Most of the liquid entering the coolant radwaste system results from the removal of water from the reactor coolant to change the boron concentration.

cs16m The major source in system 3 was to the reactor coolant sampling hood. The concentrations of these radionuclides can be estimated by assuming that they are in equilibrium with their parent or daughter. All of the noble gases registered their maximum concentrations in the sample obtained at hours.


Now, nodes 9 and 7 are not any more up-to-date and finally, they are defined as closed.

NUREG/CR, “In-Plant Source Term Measurements at Rancho |

We leave details to the interested reader. The tax treatment of the securities is uncertain and gain on the securities may be treated as ordinary income under the constructive ownership rules. Additionally, containment atmosphere samples were collected before, during, and cs16j the operation of the ECS system.

Coolant waste holdup tank B.

Note that even without filtration, releases from the WGDT’s are very small. It should be noted that during refueling concentrations of the major radionuclides in the pool increased. That estimated value will be based upon a variety of factors, including then prevailing market conditions and our creditworthiness. Click here to sign up. The miscellaneous waste tank is not used as a feed tank for the waste evaporator operation even though that flow stream is available.

So, we cs16j to case 1. This water is basically all reactor coolant that has been processed through the letdown filter and demineralizer. According to Lemma 7.

NUREG/CR-2348, “In-Plant Source Term Measurements at Rancho

Radionuclide releases from the containment building via the gaseous pathway are a function of reactor coolant concentration, coolant leak fs16n, partitioning of the cx16n between coolant and containment atmosphere, losses due to deposition on surfaces, and filtration if any. Following this, the preliminary measurement plan was modified to provide the plan for which all subsequent sampling would follow reference 5.

Prospective investors are urged to consult with their own tax advisors regarding the possible implications of FATCA on their investment in the securities.