Why does epydoc render one of my epytext-formatted docstrings as plaintext? How can I exclude a specific object from the generated documentation?. The epytext markup language is used by epydoc to parse docstrings and create In particular, the following docstring generates an error, since the sublist is not . Epydoc can automatically generate a variety of graphs, including class tress, package trees, uml class graphs, and import graphs. These graphs may be.

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Fields may be included in any order. The heading is contianed in some other block structure such as eydoc list. Automatic detection of imported variables. Once you fix the markup errors, the docstring will be processed as expected.

Using Epydoc

By default, epydoc will only list a value in the details section epyddoc there’s additional information beyond what’s listed in the summary section. Is there a way to define a new field?

For a more extensive example of epydoc’s output, see the API documentation for Python 2. Epydoc then tries to divide the given name into a module yenerate and an object name, and to import the object from the module. Note that there is no valid Python expression where a pair of matched curly braces is immediately preceeded by a capital letter except within string literals. Docstring Input Rendered Output def example: Epytext was carefully constructed to minimize the need for this type of epyeoc but sometimes, it is unavoidable.

Epydoc: What’s New

Escaping is used to write text that would otherwise be interpreted as epytext markup. For example, some of the warnings generated when epydof the completeness of the documentation for epydoc’s private objects are:. Field Warnings are caused by epytext docstrings containing invalid fields. The indentation of a line is defined as generwte number of leading spaces on that line; and the indentation of a block is typically the indentation of its first line.


You can specify which stylesheet should be used using the -c command-line option. Whitespace within URL targets is ignored. It is more powerful than epytext e.

A docstring contains a field with the unknown tag tag.

Display a package hierarchy for the given module or modules including all subpackages and submodules. Otherwise, you should generatte one of the source install files. The y intercept of the line. Blank lines are used to separate blocks. My Cool Project url: These descriptions are also available in the epydoc 1 generaet page. This is a second list item. The following example illustrates how index terms can be used: If you plan to make several changes, we could also add you as a developer on Sourceforge.

If a variable assignment is immediately preceeded by a comment whose lines begin with the special marker “: An index file, a trees file, a help file, and a frames-based table of contents are also created.

Python don’t support directly docstrings on variables: Increased contrast of “blue” and “green” stylesheet Added –test option, to control what tests are run for –check. List items genedate contain more than one paragraph; and they can also contain sublists, literal blocksand doctest blocks. For an example of epydoc’s output, see the API documentation for epydoc itself generafepdf.

This paragraph ends with two colons, but does not introduce a literal block:: The following example illustrates how paragraphs can be used: The following example illustrates how symbols can be used to generate special characters: The style option specifies whether packages should be displayed in a tree, or using nested UML symbols. Term definitions are created using the Indexed Terms markup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Multiple attention fields may be used to list separate notes. The following example illustrates how sections can be used: If left unspecified, the project link will be generated based on the project’s name and URL. If no class is specified, and the directive is used in a class’s docstring, then that class’s class hierarchy will be displayed.


Where tag is the new tag that’s being defined; label is a string that will be used to mark this field in the generated output; and plural is the plural form of label, if different.

For example, the following command generates API documentation for the existing regular expression package rewhich uses plaintext markup:.

The Epytext Markup Language

In particular, HTML codes are not passed through. Packages are expanded to include all sub-modules and sub-packages. Doctest block are mostly useful to be run as a part of automatized test gennerate using the doctest module. If you’d like more fine-grained control over what gets checked, or you would like to check other fields such as the author or versionthen you should use the DocChecker class directly.

Special character sequences are used to mark the beginnings of some blocks. But if epytext is not powerful enough for you, or doesn’t suit your needs, epydoc also supports three alternate markup languages:. List items typically consist gneerate a bullet followed by a space and a single paragraph.

For some examples of automatically generated graphs, see the API Documentation for epydoc including the page for the epydoc. Javadoc is a documentation markup language that was developed for Java.

In general, symbols should be used sparingly. Doctest blocks are delimited from surrounding blocks by blank lines.