P G3 MSA Array Systems help remedy growing storage needs and small . HP StorageWorks P G3 MSA FC Dual Controller LFF Modular Smart .. Refer to the Microsoft website: How can the flexibility of the HP P G3 MSA Array Systems help remedy . hardware to your exact specifications in the factory—helping speed deployment.

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Your email address will not be published. Thanks for posting this resolution, I had the exactly same issue and tried all sort of HP user guide recommendations without success. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Booting off one controller has fixed the problem. HP manuals and troubleshooting all failed to work.

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After powering the unit down completely, and then powering back up again, the MSA was still stuck in the same state. Your generosity has once boosted my confidence. I recently had an issue with our P at brochue and contacted HP support. A final test was done by powering off everything and powering it back up again as it should be from a cold start.

Thanks for the post. I was thinking of trying this but doubted myself just before reading this. Check the msa cli guide on HP for info. Just wanted to thank you for sharing this, brocyure helped us today. I Thank you as well for posting this solution. I have an identical setup I am trying to get going as well. Please see if any one of you can relate a yp solution to it. It has only one controller in it and there is no light ON on the controller. It was shipped to me with both controllers installed and I had the same issue as you.


Suddenly it got stopped and no amber no light.

Hi Sean, I Thank you as well for posting this solution. Contact your web host and ask them to enable imagepng for PHP. Even though it was out of warranty, they still helped me troubleshoot and found the issue to be a faulty controller. Everything worked this time.

Hi Sean, Just adding my thanks. No amber LEDs were to be seen. Our entire University campus L2000 was offline until i brichure across this. Thank you so much for your post, I was really stuck on this one.

Just adding my thanks. No lights at back side of controllers. Are you able to shutdown the entire enclosure and try a power cycle? I am not a storage expert but I was brochuree only one available to help bring jp a customer online. Hot plugging controller A back in at this stage with the device powered on resulted in both controllers reporting a healthy status and all the disks and hardware being detected. Could you please help me in this. On the very first boot we noticed a fault amber LED on the front panel.

GD image support not detected in PHP! Thanks for the feedback Brian — glad this post helped you, and cheers for the status command — very useful! Both the power supplies are giving solid green lights and their fans are running.

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HPE MSA P G3 Modular Smart Array Systems (QuickSpecs/cpdf)

Excellent, glad it worked for you. Hi Joel, Good to hear, and glad it helped!

The RAID drives suddenly disappeared. I came across this article during the night and it worked when I tried it the next day. Following through the troubleshooting steps in the manuals lead nowhere as the end synopsis was to check the event logs.

Just in case anybody else is stuck I found the command show shutdown-status really helpful in trying to find out the states of the controllers. Will definitely back to visit this site again. Hi Kumar, Are you able to shutdown the entire enclosure and try a power cycle? After this the 24 disks were assigned and carved up into some vdisks to be presented to our ESXi hosts!

Powering down the unit once more, removing and reseating both controllers did not help either. Hi Sean, I have an identical ph I am trying to get going as well.

Lastly, I powered it all off again, removed controller A completely, then powered up the device with just Controller B installed. Seen a few apparent lockups caused by firmware updates controllers can copy between themselves.