This year marks the 70th anniversary of the publication of Ask the Dust, by John Fante. Today it’s widely regarded as a classic of American. The story of the hard-living L.A. writer as we know it was born in the early s with John Fante. The novelist, best known for his novel. Rob Sternberg on the pleasures of rereading John Fante.

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It was as I had imagined.

John Fante’s “Ask the Dust”: A Review

For the film, see Ask fatne Dust film. I found some books on Surgery and I liked the books on Surgery: Hackmuth, a God of magazine publishers, gazes benevolently on the castawayed writer. Si sente incredibilmente virile, ma si eccita sempre al momento sbagliato. Send to Kindle Fabte this: I particularly liked and memorized the operation of the mesocolon. Hellfrick, an always-broke neighbor with an insatiable appetite for meat; Vera Rivken, the pitiful married woman whom Bandini follows to Long Beach Pike, and who may or may not have survived the earthquake; and Camilla Lopez, the unattainable Mexican waitress at the Columbia Buffet on Tante Street.

He was to be a lifetime influence on my writing. Muhammad Ali took ego lessons from Bandini. But until the last couple pages, when Arturo walks out into the desert alone I don’t think I’m spoiling anything, don’t worrythe gritty, compelling monologue becomes a cardboard addict story.


I found a couple of bitter Germans who cheered me for a while, then that was over. On any day Arturio lurches from puffed-up arrogance to stomach-acid despair.

He stood in the fog, lit a cigaret, and yawned. Ask the Dust contains thematic similarities to Knut Hamsun ‘s novel Hunger.

We can discern his talent in his lyrical descriptions of downtown Los Angeles and his vivid portraits of the outcasts who populate the Alta Loma and all the dingy establishments — cheap restaurants, saloons, dive bars, and Filipino dance halls — that he visits during his wanderings. Last month I discovered another such gem: For Bandini is a tragic figure, and his novel is a tragic love story — about the love he has for himself, for the city, and for Camilla.

It’s rare that I buy a copy of a book I’ve already read, if I didn’t own it to begin with. The lines rolled easily across the page, there was a flow. Bowles, then nearly 80, narrated the film and appeared in a cameo role.

Sep 09, Imogen rated it did not like it. And the racism he shows towards Mexicans, including Camilla, stems from those wounds. I say book, instead of novel because I’m not sure it is a novel. It’s amazing to think, though, that if a young Charles Bukowski asm missed Ask the Dust during his time in the LA library, the book’s later success might never have come about: I got into Philosophy. There were exceptions but those exceptions were so few that reading them was quickly done, and you were left staring at rows and rows of exceedingly dull books.


Charles Bukowski Introduction to the John Fante Novel Ask the Dust

These are my demographics. We are going to die. Mencken, so he keeps writing and he keeps seeing Camilla. Arturo Bandini, ovvero lui, John Fante. Camilla is eventually admitted to a mental hospital, and moved to a second one, before escaping. I liked about Fante how I felt sorry for the charitable Japanese fruit dealer when Arturo bypasses his stall to blow an unexpected windfall weeell, a deadbeat returns fifteen cents so he can get it adds up later on two dozen cookies.

I picked this up for a buck last week. Arturo Bandini o John Fante. I sat before it, overwhelmed with grief for Arturo Bandini.